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Medicine Garden Australia is a Medicinal live plant and dried raw material supply, search and research information centre. Herbal Medicine is always expanding as the discovery of powerful new ethnobotanicals are incorporated into modern wholistic regimes. We source the finest wildcrafted botanical materials from over the world and are excited to make available the legendary power of the South American jungle "Shamans Botanicals". Use Medicine Garden Australia products, then you have the added benefit of receiving the numerous health-supporting phytochemicals and other micronutrients contained only in whole herb formulas.

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Medicine Garden Australia

Based at our Nursery and Therapy Centre in The Northern Rivers District of New South Wales we source the highest grade products available from Australia and all over the world. Medical herbalism is constantly regenerating like nature Herself as newly researched potent medicinal ethnobotanicals are incorporated into modern wholistic healing regimes. For this market Medicine Garden Australia source the finest botanical materials from about the world. We are excited to make available the `Legendary healing power of the South American jungles'. Indian Shamans claiming ability to communicate with plants have developed an extraordinary knowledge of their medicinal virtues. These powdered seeds, barks, roots and l eaves of trees, vines and shrubs from the jungle have been traditionally used by South American Indians to maintain health and long life in deep rainforests for thousands of years. These power plants have been discovered to be extremely useful todayfor empowering the individual in their quest for dynamic health and longevity. We want to share with you a brief summary of traditional medicinal herbs those virtures have been neglected by mainstream health authorities. We are sure you are going to love them not only for their health giving properties but also for their tastes and that enhancement of well-being.

Medicinal, Aquatics, Cactus and Carnivorous Plant Nursery and Display Gardens Today there is the belief that isolating the active ingredient from a herb, standardising it mixing it with binders, fillers flowing agents etc. is a health product!

Herbalism is very much based on knowledge gathered from results acheived from the use of whole herbs.

A naturally occuring synergy!

Traditional information is now being attatched to these processed products that traditional reports are totally unrelated to. Isolating prefered components to acheive desired results is not Herbalism. There are instant benefits from the use of wholeherbs in our day to day lives and can help resist acute and serious ailments. The choice is quite simple, now.

Imperial whole power herbs from the legends of Shahmanism, thousands of years research, some of which is now scientifically proven and components of these are being patented and produced synthetically for clinical treatments.