Terms and Conditions


Payment must be received before the goods are dispatched. Goods will be dispatched as soon as possible after payment is received. These conditions apply once the order has been placed with us.
Medicine Garden Australia offers
30 day credit accounts to practitioners and approved retailers. Account application forms are available upon request.


Catalogue and Website Prices:

Prices shown are current from September 2007 and are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating herb prices. Any special prices quoted are valid for 30 days.


Overdue Accounts:

Credit is 30 days only. Credit past this term will not be negotiable when GST is in force. Orders will not be filled while there are outstanding accounts.



All GST charges will be invoiced to the customer and are included in the total prices throughout the site.



We accept Visa, Bankcard, Matercard and American Express. Cheque and money order payable to Medicine Garden Australia.


Address to:

PO Box 6432
Sth Lismore 2480. N.S.W. Australia.
Phone (02) 6622 2524. Fax (02) 6622 2500.
Free Fax Order Hotline 1800 222 524.


End Use

Herb teas should be freely available to the public. Promote these for what they are, ‘FUNCTIONAL FOODS’.


Certificates of Analysis

All dried herb orders over 10 kilo will be supplied with a Certificate of Analysis free with each order. For lesser quantities a small fee will be charged.


Medicine Garden

Medicine Garden Australia is a Medicinal live plant and dried raw material supply, search and research information centre. Herbal Medicine is always expanding as the discovery of powerful new ethnobotanicals are incorporated into modern wholistic regimes.

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(02) 6622 2524